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The way of doing business has changed due to the revolution in the Information Technology field. Such a shift in the manner of doing business has brought up an e-commerce business in focus. In a nutshell, e-commerce is the selling of goods via the internet. E-commerce has brought up significant benefits to the entity. There are so many cost savings an entity can obtain by taking advantage of e-commerce and free blogger templates at https://gooyaabitemplates.com/.

An entity can only undertake an e-commerce business if it has a proper website. Just making a website is alone not enough. You have to write codes using the server-side as well as client-side scripting languages. Asp.net is the Windows while PHP is the Linux based server-side scripting language commonly used in web development. Java Script is the client-side language used to execute codes on the client/ visitor of a website. In the following lines, we will discuss Web design and Development in detail.

Web Designing - It is the process to present data over the World Wide Web for others to view. For this purpose, HTML (hypertext markup language) is used. This language is composed of tags and is commonly called building blocks. Due to advancement in the IT field, this HTML has traveled from the various upgrade process. Html4 remained in the business for a longer period of time. To bring responsive design into the field, HTML version 5 was launched. Now, this version is the world standard in every successful website & blog.
In web designing, CSS (cascading style sheet) is used to format the data on the web page. So, Html & CSS are correlated with each other. In order to support html5 in building a responsive design & bootstrap framework, CSS 3 was released. Since then, both html5 & CSS3 are helping web designers across the globe in presenting data in the most beautiful manner that was not possible earlier.

Web Development - Often people mix web development with web designing. In fact, these are two different things. A web developer will definitely be a web designer but it is not necessary that a web designer has the skills of web development work. As discussed above, a web developer uses server-side & client-side scripting languages to bring interactivity to the website or blog.

Before going to buy web hosting for your website, you must ask your web developer in mumbai about the type of hosting. If your developer has skills & experience in PHP, then go for Linux hosting. Go for Windows hosting if your developer works in Asp.net server-side scripting language.

Being a web developer, you should keep a security feature in mind. So when you go to do coding work, think from the perspective of a person who can easily intrude on the flaws in your script. This will help you greatly in identifying loopholes in your code. A single small mistake can be detrimental to your e-commerce website because you are accepting payments online from customers. So, always work with a web developer who is an expert in the field & gives due importance to the security features.

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