How To Write Songs

Music is said to be a food of the soul. Often Music and Songs are used interchangeably, but in essence, there are many differences in both these terms. All songs are music but not all music is song is the main statement that clearly defines the relationships between them. In other words, the song is a part of music and music is itself a very general term. Music is instrumental and without any words and song is the combination of music and lyrics.
Writing Songs is not an easy task and you have to be very creative. There is no ready made recipe that will allow you to write a song and there is no guarantee that a particular procedure will climb you to the top of a songwriting career. Although a lot of practice can help you achieve your objective of writing a song it needs something from your inside. Your imagination, creativity, thoughts, talent and of course your commitment to the songwriting can boost your abilities and skills. However, we are sharing two methods which can help you in this regard.

How to Write Songs

Basically, experts give two sorts of approaches on how to write songs:

1.       Write the lyrics first and then match it with an instrument

2.       Write lyrics on the ready made beat or instrumental

As always, each approach has its advantages and disadvantages. In the next few lines, we will be discussing each approach in some detail with its pros and cons.

Write the lyrics first and then match it with an instrument

This is the approach that I most favor because it allows you to write songs on your own talent. It makes you independent of the place or location where you are. No matter, whether you are in a bus, on a bed or in movie showtime. Any idea could force you to write the lyrics. This, of course, is inspirational and you respond to the activities and events and pass it on the paper in the form of lyrics. Lyrics once written can then be matched to a beat to write the song. That is why most famous songwriters prefer to keep a pen and notebook with them. Now, the mobile phone also has the feature to write down your notes for later reading.

However, in some cases, it becomes very difficult to find a right beat or instrumental that could be matched with your lyrics. So, you should keep this factor in your mind while following this approach.

Write lyrics on the ready made beat or instrumental

Under this approach, you have to find a beat or instrumental and then have to write lyrics over it. It sounds quite difficult, but the tip here is to pay close attention to the rhythm. If it still does not help you, then take a long deep breath, empty your mind and pass a little smile, close your eyes and blown away with the melody or rhythm. Please remember, do not be in a hurry and you should be free from every work. Just do this exercise for such a long period of time as you can. Believe me; your mind will turn out with a masterpiece.

As I have written above, there is no recipe to write a song. My recommendation is to use a mix of both approaches and you will get your the desired objective achieved tremendously.